About A Crafty Mo

I am A Crafty Mo a busy self employed woman who for the past 15 years has worked with my husband building a successful business & you can find more about us here www.sturrockcomputers.co.uk. I still have no idea how we manage to work and stay married but we make it work, you can tell by my happy face here.

I am the web designer, the person you go to for a poster, invitation, announcement, business card or leaflet to be designed but it doesn’t stop there I also restore old photos that are wrinkled and scratched and anything that is needing a creative eye.
At the same time I go by the name A Crafty Mo I am always up to something some people would say mischief but its mostly crafty stuff from knitting, cross stitch, baking, and going out with my Nikon camera taking photos and living in Carnoustie I am spoiled for choice what with the ever changing mood of the North Sea and the surrounding country side the scenery is forever changing.

I have now started designing books to be printed for a milestone birthday/anniversary or to remember someone who is no longer with us, how this works is I get boxes of old photos and letters then I have to sort through them, fix them and then design a book. This all started by a book I made for my husband and other small thank you gifts.
I am non stop crafty in my personal and working life and I love it 
A Crafty Mo x